Tuesday, January 20, 2009


There has been something quite liberating about the treatment I have undergone this past week:

-No work (who am I kidding, I worked an hour on Saturday answering emails from work)

-No makeup (I look like death warmed over, but hey, I have no one to impress! Not like the hubby and I can do anything for 2 weeks!)

-No bra (Quit looking, you can't see anything anyways, it's cyberspace! DUH!!)

But not only that, I have found myself revealing some of my little (and BIG) life secrets in comment boxes around the blog world. Hmmmmmm.

I also have found myself......wait for it......




How could this be? I thought those things were long gone? Stored away in a very, very, very safe place. Not so. Those feelings of mine have emerged from their hiding place.

This time, I am ready for them and you know why? I am (ahem) more mature.

I have learned that feelings are just a gage on my journey through life. They don't define who I am. My feelings gage how close or how far away I am from JOY. (2 Nephi 2:25- "...and men are that they might have joy.")

I wonder if anyone will notice if I don't wear a bra when I go back to work?


The Crash Test Dummy said...


Feeling again????

What the what????

Is that what unveiling secrets when they're radio-active does?


verifier says pesses. You are now pessesing the secret of Joy. (I love that book).

Loving your secret revelations

Kristina P. said...

I think that not wearing a bra is halfway to being just completely nude all the time. Good for you.

T said...

Freedom is going bra-less...

So Feel Free to be Free!

and I love all the little bits of April that are being revealed in comment boxes everywhere - hmmm... yeah, again - good things it's cyberspace 'eh? The "reveals" are not visual that way!

April said...

Crash..I know!! What the what??? I am as shocked as you!!! These feeling things are so foreign to me. The cool thing tho, not having to wear a bra for 2 weeks!! Pretty cool huh Kristina!!!

hahahaha wv=tzers (teasers)

April said...

I will of course have to wear a VERY supportive shirt! If you know what I mean T!!! hehehehe!!!

Kazzy said...

Is not wearing a bra one of your secrets? Did I miss some revelations somewhere? Dang it!

robin said...

my husband was making fun of me for wearing a bra in bed the last couple of days when I didn't have to cause what if someone unexpectedly came by and visited me post surgery.... I didn't want to be swingin' all footloose and fancy free and be all embarrassed and not be able to look that person in the eye forever after. I still haven't gotten over the time when two of my friends did a bra intervention with me and said "Robin... we can say this because we're your friends... we really think you should be wearing a bra." Sadly...I WAS!!!! How embarrassing!!!! I think my face turned every shade of red and I mumbled something like okay. cause who wants to admit that they were wearing a bra and that at age 20 your who has lay as low as 90 year old woman. What can I say??? I was made that way and as much as I am now a 34B (don't ask me what I was as a teenager...and I hope April does not comment on this)... I need super strong straps to get me up to where they belong. Have you seen the straps they make for 34B bras? Ribbons for schoolgirls!!!! what was my point? oh right...friends can scar you for life and make you wear a bra in bed even after you have had a 2 1/2 hour surgery and would rather be comfortable.

cttewhitney said...

i won't say anything about you going bra less at work :) hope you're doing okay.

April said...

You have missed some of my revelations Kazzy....you will have to search for them!

What the what??? TOAD!!! WOW!!! Those pain pills are making you into a chatter box!

Thanks Tiff for keeping my secret!! You are awesome!!!

wendy said...

No makeup and NO bra !!!!!!!paradise. Bra's are over rated but people like being around me more when I wear my makeup. Otherwise I am really washed-out. Wendy, where are you. That was what inspired me 15 years ago to get Tatooo eyeliner YUP!!!!!!! Anway, feelings are good. You feel whatever you want you are entitled. ENTITLED. Feelings, whoa whoa whoa feelings.....(that's a song incase you weren't getting it)

val of the south said...

What are you going to do with your maturing, feeling bad self? Watch out world!

Braless = good

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

First of all, you're feeling again. Luckeeee. Can I touch you? Oh not I forgot, I guess not.

Second bras are a tool of the devil as far as I am concerned. That was one of the good things about when Jared and I were housebond.

Thirdly make up is a big waste of time and money, but then it is nice not to look like the bride of frankstein, so I have a quandry on that one.

April said...

Wendy, I have always wanted to do the eyeliner thing!!! WOW!!! Did it hurt?

Val, I think that's why it's best I am quarantined for 2 weeks! This way I can sort it all out before being unleashed on humanity.

Pat not only are bras of the devil so are panty hose!!! And if I were to go anywhere in public without makeup I would be asked if I was sick. Good luck with your feelings. There is hope for their return.

val of the south said...

The wv is: recap

so I will....

feeling - good
maturing - good
unveiling secrets - good
coolness - good
bras - bad
bras while in bed - really bad

2 weeks to work things out...priceless!

The Papa's said...

I second the "No-bra's @ work" movement!!! Although, I'm not sure people would appreciate me without one!!! Hope you're doing well, we sure miss ya' around @ work!!!:)

April said...

Val I will have to agree with you. I will mature on the condition that I get to keep my sense of humor though. I don't want to lose that! And that recap was AWESOME!!!

ROXANNE!!!! I miss you!!! I need my silliness and I haven't thrown anything in days! What the crap!!! Please tell Mona I miss her too! I shall return...not too sure about the bra though!

Stephen said...

I am closing my eyes I promise.

Mindie said...

I LOVE to visit your blog; you are always good times for sure! I miss you tons. Kacie keeps me posted most of the time on how things are going. Just wanted to tell you that you’re are in my thoughts!

April said...

Stephen are your eyes closed because of the glow or the bra thing? Just want to clarify! I'm a brat like that! That's why this maturing thing can be so difficult at times. hehehehe!

Mindie!!!! How are you??? I miss you!!! I'm glad that Mona is keeping you informed of my doings be they good or bad. I love her! She makes me smile!!! I hope you and the fam are doing well! Thanks for checking in and for thinking about me! I appreciate it!

SWIRL said...

That is sooo good you can find the positive in all this

With all four of my boys- I had to be on bedrest.. and everyone felt so bad for me.. .but... secretly... I was in HEAVEN.. I read, read, read, slept, napped, had food delivered to my bed! And felt absolutely no guilt! I wasn't suppose to be doing anything more but rest!

But I will confess..since you have been confessing so much..
I wear a bra 24/7 (except in the shower okay and swimming)

I found this AMAZING sports bra ( at walmart) .. that is so comfy I bought 8 of them!

But whatever makes you feel good! You indulge!

Stephen said...

My eyes are closed for the glowing man magnets.

Annie Valentine said...

If you don't wear a bra and start hugging people, they'll be feeling something right along with you, my friend.

Barbaloot said...

Leaving secrets in comment boxes around the world, eh? It's all Crash's fault. She has that freaky magic trick thing where you end up telling things that you wouldn't normally.

Also---I'm pretty sure if you wore a tent-like shirt to work, no one would care weather or not you had a bra:)

Heidi Ashworth said...

Love the pics of the trees but I think the prettiest one was you!

April said...

Swirl-Wow!! You amaze me! On bed rest with ALL of your boys? WOW! I am impressed you persevered! I was on bed rest with numero uno and I was not a good patient.

HAHAHA!!! Stephen!! I LOL'ed!! I can think of a line from Seinfeld that Terri Hatcher said, but I will refrain. hehehehe

Annie have no fear! I can't hug for another 10 days! All is safe in braless land! I hope when I go to wear a bra again my body doesn't reject it! How horrible would that be!!

Barb if I wore a shirt like a tent I could pass for a boy. True story. hahahaha!!! (my bras are very padded)

AWWWWWW Heidi!!! Come here!!! HUGGGGS!!!! You are so nice!!!

robin said...

can I just say... thanks for posting a cute kindergarten pic and not a teenage dance pic of me.... oh wait...I've hidden those and for good reason. hahahahahha!!!!!

Mariko said...

I wore a bra for a year straight, day and night, when I was nursing my baby (yep, showered with it and everything), and I TELL YA, you can't imagine the amount of freedom I felt when I finally took the thing off.
Of course, it was then that I noticed that everything started sagging much more than it ever had before. ARGH.
I'm glad we have feelings. It's nice that they come back to make us appreciate such things as bralessness.

April said...

Robin I do have my sources that would GLADLY search out those pics for me!!! MUWAHAHAHAHA

Mariko!!! I don't know how you did that for a WHOLE year! My claustrophobia is too bad to do that! I hate being confined! Sagging? What saggin? (I jest!!)

Sandi said...

ha ha hahahahahahahaha! April! I love love LOVE these pics!

charrette said...

Freedom! I love that you're uncovering (pun intended) so much good through all this.

I loved your comment on Kazzy's blog, so I thought I'd come take a look.

April said...

I'm glad I could entertain you Sandi! My job here is done!!! hahaha!!!

Hey Charrette! Welcome! And feel free to come braless anytime! I don't judge!