Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Funny Bone Is Broken

How do you fix a broken funny bone?

Seriously, I think mine is broken.

Scratch that last line. I'm pretty sure it IS broken.

I can't come up with anything humorous, witty or funny to write about. I've had no funny or witty comments to make in your comment boxes. I'm drawing a blank. BORING!!!!

Is there a doctor in the house?

COME ON! I am in serious need of a shot of something!

Someone, make me laugh, QUICK! This is getting ridiculous!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Valentine's Day is coming up and I have compiled a list of things for those who are lacking in the creativity department.  (You may have seen some of these around!)  

And you don't need a significant other to do them!

Things to Make VD More Memorable:

1.    Dance to ABBA.

2.    Name a boat after yourself or a loved one.

3.    Read about steamy romance in a great novel by Heidi.

4.    Visit your local Costco for bathroom etiquette.

5.    Don't underestimate the sexiness of a snuggie or shamwow.

6.    It's OK to buy things on sale like T.

7.    In some instances, giving exercise equipment is acceptable.

8.   Look at pictures of other people enjoying themselves on a cruise.

9.   Make a homemade card.

10.  Remind people you ARE funny and you still "got it".

11.   Sing.

12.  Show them why they shouldn't leave you home alone.

13.  Tell them you heart them.

14.  Be grateful for what you have!

Late entry: #15. Wear the right shoes.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Upon Further Review

Upon further review of photos, my son (pictured above) found a "better" picture. And for the record, he is "totally" embarrassed by this post.

My work here is done.

Cliff Notes on Photo

In This I Do Confess (My Obsession With HSM2)

It's Sunday, so I have a confession to make. (Besides not going to church today.)

If I see High School Musical 2 on TV, I HAVE to watch it! But I only watch the last ten minutes. In fact, I don't think that I have EVER watched the whole movie.

I have purchased the movie for my son AND for my nephew. (My BIL was NOT impressed with that Christmas present for his son! hehehehe!!!)

What is my obsession with the last ten minutes you ask?

Even if I am in the worst mood, it will bring a smile to my face! It's the swimming pool scene. I LOVE that scene! I LOVE that scene for more than the music, more than the dancing, and singing. It has to do with WHO is on the set.

My #2 son.

He got to be an extra for HSM2. He had a blast. He set everything up himself. I didn't even know about it until he got a call back saying he was accepted.

The reason why I just LOVE the last scene is because you can actually see him over 10 different times on screen. (13 to be exact, but who's counting.) They are mere flashes of him dancing behind the main characters. (He's usually off to the left of the screen for those of you counting.) However, I know he's there, he knows he's there and when we describe what he is wearing, you too will know he is there!

The smart boy decided to wear a bright pink shirt with white and navy stripes across the chest and navy blue swim trunks. He stands out! I also smile when I see this scene because it reminds me that he was able to meet a crush of his at the time, one Miley Cyrus. She had a cameo appearance in the movie. My son was able to say hi to her! How cool is that?

Yes, he missed a couple of days of school in order to participate in this. A chance of a lifetime! And he loved every minute of it! What a great experience to share with his kids when he is older.

I am still smiling from watching the last ten minutes for the twentieth least.

(Note: For those of you looking for him in the above photo, he is hiding behind the guy in the red tank top on the left. True story.)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rumor Has It....

Rumor has it that it is someone's anniversary today!  Happy Anniversary Shelle!!! 

But there is ANOTHER rumor out there that I might appear in my Birthday Suit today.  Please, take a deep breath.  Slowly pull your fingers away from your eyeballs.  You do not need to poke them out!  Nothing will be scorched on your retinas today!  Except if you decide to go and see what my sister has posted about me gotta love sisters right?  Thanks Toad!

Other than that it is business as usual!  

Sandi, I will get you for this as well....hehehehe!!!!

I just found out that we missed someone's birthday this week!  T had her birthday on Monday and did not say a word to anyone!  HOW RUDE!  So go and wish her a belated birthday here.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And The Prognosis IS.......

PROGNOSIS NEGATIVE!!! (Any Seinfeld fans?)

I am NOT pregnant!  

Err..I mean...I still have thyroid tissue visible on the scan!

And that's a good thing you ask?

I know confusing isn't it?

Which is why I sent the hubby down to Doctor #2's office to ask "What the What???"

Why haven't you called me yet?  Doctor #1 is as confused as I am now. 

Besides doesn't Doctor #2 know I am silently freaking out?  (Well not so silently to the hubby....he'll tell you so!)

But seeing thyroid tissue is a good thing...or so I'm told.  YEAH!!!!  

But what IS a also a good thing that's ALL that was seen.  


So, I go back in a year and that tissue should be gone, and if not, another dose of radiation.  That's it.  Simple.  

Now, off to get my prescription for my sinus infection I've had for 3 weeks.  YES! 

Then on to work.....sigh....... have fun blogging without me.

Drum Roll Please

Today is the day that I get the results of my body scan.  I am heading to the doctor's office in ten minutes.

My heart is racing.  I'm pretty sure the news will be good.  But then again I wasn't worried about the lump on my thyroid when I got it biopsied oh so many months ago.  Hmmmmm......

If you don't hear from me until tomorrow it is for one of two reasons.  The news was bad, or I am tied up doing a happy dance.  Sorry you'll just have to wait.

BTW, my hours have been changed at work too, so I now have to go in later in the day and work till later in the evening, I guess there's some economic crisis going on or something.  ( I kid!)  I know there is!  

So, I am back to work this afternoon to see my friends and see how they are doing and catch up on  LUCKY! (Said in a Napoleon Dynamite voice.)

Wish me luck!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Freedom Has Its Limits

Sunday was my first day of stepping out into freedom. My first time in two weeks to be FREE! Well most of me was free.

That's the funny part of gaining my freedom. In order to be free to wander about in society, I had to secure two parts of my body. "The girls" we shall call them.

"The girls" had to be secured lest I receive unwanted stares/gawking/glances/head-shaking/chin-dropping. You get the idea. I had to wear a bra.


That three letter word that I have been able to avoid these past two weeks. While I have been confined to my home, "the girls" have been unrestrained. But, on Sunday all that came to an end at precisely 12:30pm. Once again "the girls" were secured to their rightful position to venture out into public. They were none too pleased. They complained a little, causing me to tug and pull at my bra, but I'd rather have them complaining than deal with with the looks from people at Church.

Who knows, I might even get sent home to put a bra on! I've heard of odder things happening like kids being made to pray twice in Primary because they prayed for the Steelers to win instead of the Cardinals. (Sorry Crash, I couldn't resist.)

Come to think of it.....why does bra end in ahhhhhh?

Maybe because that's how you feel when you take it off?