Monday, February 2, 2009

Freedom Has Its Limits

Sunday was my first day of stepping out into freedom. My first time in two weeks to be FREE! Well most of me was free.

That's the funny part of gaining my freedom. In order to be free to wander about in society, I had to secure two parts of my body. "The girls" we shall call them.

"The girls" had to be secured lest I receive unwanted stares/gawking/glances/head-shaking/chin-dropping. You get the idea. I had to wear a bra.


That three letter word that I have been able to avoid these past two weeks. While I have been confined to my home, "the girls" have been unrestrained. But, on Sunday all that came to an end at precisely 12:30pm. Once again "the girls" were secured to their rightful position to venture out into public. They were none too pleased. They complained a little, causing me to tug and pull at my bra, but I'd rather have them complaining than deal with with the looks from people at Church.

Who knows, I might even get sent home to put a bra on! I've heard of odder things happening like kids being made to pray twice in Primary because they prayed for the Steelers to win instead of the Cardinals. (Sorry Crash, I couldn't resist.)

Come to think of it.....why does bra end in ahhhhhh?

Maybe because that's how you feel when you take it off?




Kristina P. said...

Going braless is perhaps the reason why my boobs are down to my knees.

wendy said...

Alright!!! Glad you got out, and probably best to "tuck in the girls" And yes, the ahhhhhh IS when we take them back out of their confinement. You can tell they are happy just by the way they flop around, smiling little boobies I am sure. (and since I have never met you, sister who was sent away to Toronto ..Toronto??, really??...did you get moms's boobs??)

dede said...

couldn't you have planned your first day of freedom to be Saturday or better yet Monday - Sunday, how boring! Maybe you and the free girls should go to Crashes ward and help with the prayer!

Heidi Ashworth said...

My husband just doesn't get why I am always so happy to take that thing off every night.

Kazzy said...

Am I weird? I actually prefer wearing one. That doesn't mean it isn't comfy to take it off at night, but I am not too bugged by it. Maybe I just know I look so much better (read as younger) when I am wrapped up nice!

April said...

Kristina I used to care about the geography of the girls....however, there's not much left to migrate.

Does that answer you question Wendy, long lost sis of mine on who's girls I got?

Dede, I had planned my escape for Saturday but unfortunately my energy levels were NOT cooperating. I just about throttled the kid passing the sacrament when he so much as hinted that I get up and scoot half way across the bench to pass the bread to the people at the other side....he didn't do it again with the water. I must have looked pathetic.

Heidi you need to ask him how excited he is to take off his jock strap after wearing it all day. Watch the light go on in his eyes.

Kazzy I used to feel the same way you do but that was when I had something impressive. Now if I put on two shirts I look like a boy. BTW I look much better wrapped up too....I only wear padded bras.

Barbaloot said...

I think I may be in the huge minority when I say this---but I can't stand to NOT wear a bra. Seriously-I must have one. (And honestly, I'm not all that big.) But for real-I have bad dreams if I sleep without one. Dreams like I'm playing soccer in the rain in a white t-shirt with boys I like. Not cool.

Melanie J said...

In high school, my best friend's mom used to wander around without a bra, occasionally sighing, "I feel so free." Back then, I thought she was weird. Now I realize how wise she was.

The Papa's said...

....and this is why I have missed you so!!! So excited to see you tomorrow!!!

April said...

Barb...I too used to feel the necessity of being constrained all the time....come to the dark side with Melanie and I !!! I beg of you!!! hehehe!!

I had a friend who's mom just walked around in see-through black negligee. She was odd.

I can't wait to see you tomorrow Roxanne!!!! And laugh WITH someone instead of just to myself.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Poor dears! For them it was probably like having to go back to work after a long, relaxing vacation on the beach.

My prayers are with you today!

Sandi said...

Aww the girls! The must be suffering right about now- you can't just expect them to be happy about being locked up again. I wish mine would shrivel away and I could even entertain the possibility of letting them hang loose...That is just way too scary at this point.
I hope you are feeling some energy and are ready to face life outside your prison!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha ahahahahahahahah

That was classic good humor.

"The girls" h a hahahahahahah

Tyler and Kacie said...

That's a bummer about the whole bra situation. And that is EXACTLY what I say when I (or my husband) take off the bra! AHHhhhhhhh... Some day I will have the most awesome boob job in America that I will not have the need for a bra! hehehehe
I am SOOOO SUPER STOKED to see you tonight! yeah for not being radio active!

April said... is EXACTLY like that! It's like being at Lake Powell for a week being almost nekkid and then you have to get used to wearing clothes again!

Sandi the girls are none too happy today. I've had to run errands and meet with teachers and be all prim and proper in clothes. It's so confining! CAN'T BREAAATH!!!

Hey Crash! The girls send you their regards....hehehehe!!!

Mona I will see you WED!! I won't be in tonight! I have more meetings at the HS for a grad night committee. YIPPEE!!! BTW...WOWZA on the boob job info! Do the girls know what they are in for yet?

T said...

I love the "Braaaaaaah" moment... (taking it off) we all know the hateful thing wasn't invented by a woman!

So, now that you're "free" - I'm not kidding about stealing you for a little pampering - you say the word!

robin said...

did you HAVE to mention Lake Powell ;(

Brett is there AGAIN on the houseboat ALONE. While I am here with kiddies pining away. :( ..... (that's me crying - it looks more like me drooling but it's supposed to be me crying)

He comes home tomorrow only to go to Young Mens' and then spend all day Saturday ice fishing with the Young Men and go back again to Lake Powell on Sunday. I asked him which kid he was taking back with him.

He laughed. I wasn't laughing. I was serious.

April said...

Thanks T!!! I will have to get back into the swing of work thingy and then I would LOVE to!!! That sounds like fun!!

Robin....I bet I can guess which one you wanted him to take back with him to LP. Oh much has happened. Maybe I can't guess now! hahahaha!!!

SWIRL said...

I am too embarrased to even comment. I can't imagine going bra-less...

I can't sleep at night if I don't have one on: Because then they are all over the place- except where they should be.

SWIRL said...

On a side note- you have 4 entries right?
I don't want to miss one. I see two buttons and two posts?
Thanks for being such a big supporter!

April said...

Helloooo Swirl! I understand your pain about where the girls migrate to during sleep. I share that geographical problem as well. Sometimes they even disappear! I should be a magician!

And to answer your question I have 2 buttons and one post with 2 links to your website. One takes you right to the post about the give-away and the other takes you to your main page.

No One Likes A Frowny Face said...

I HATE wearing a bra. I refer to it as my "work harness".

I love your good news : ) Congrats!!!!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

So funny. I am suffering extra each day when I put mine on because I have gained weight but not purchased a larger size. So it is kind of amazing that I don't pass out like Scarlett Ohara each day.

Sorry your braless days had to come to an end, but then you get to join society again.

April said...

Thanks L! They are pesky things! And double ouch NHC! Talk about binding!