Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Valentine's Day is coming up and I have compiled a list of things for those who are lacking in the creativity department.  (You may have seen some of these around!)  

And you don't need a significant other to do them!

Things to Make VD More Memorable:

1.    Dance to ABBA.

2.    Name a boat after yourself or a loved one.

3.    Read about steamy romance in a great novel by Heidi.

4.    Visit your local Costco for bathroom etiquette.

5.    Don't underestimate the sexiness of a snuggie or shamwow.

6.    It's OK to buy things on sale like T.

7.    In some instances, giving exercise equipment is acceptable.

8.   Look at pictures of other people enjoying themselves on a cruise.

9.   Make a homemade card.

10.  Remind people you ARE funny and you still "got it".

11.   Sing.

12.  Show them why they shouldn't leave you home alone.

13.  Tell them you heart them.

14.  Be grateful for what you have!

Late entry: #15. Wear the right shoes.


val of the south said...

That was too funny! I clicked on the cruise one - and it was me!! Sometimes I'm a little slow!!

Love the list!!

wendy said...

I was a little weirded out with the "VD"--I am old school so it still makes me think of veneral disease. I guess now they call it STD's. (hmm) BUT that aside, Good ideas.. I really have always wanted a boat named after me. what would it be?? Sail on Wendy Waves. (I am thinking more like a lovely sail boat, not a TANKER)

April said...

hahaha Val! I love it!!

Wendy...that's the idea!! That's the joke in our house on Valentine's Day! Happy VD! That's our favorite holiday to mock!

Kristina P. said...

I thought the exact same thing as Wendy! I was like, "VD"? I don't know if I want to make that more fun!

Heidi Ashworth said...

You are such a sweetheart, giving linky love to all your bloggy friends! Love you!

Anjeny said...

Awww...how sweet. I love that you link back to my blog, very sweet of you. I would so love to have a boat named after me especially since my dad was a fisherman. My best friend in high school had a boat named after her since she was the only girl then, too...some people are just lucky.

I will definitely go dance and sing to ABBA...I love ABBA and love to pretend I can sing and dance...eheheh.

And I would definitely love to curl up in bed with Miss D wearing nothing but a snuggi...ahahahah..
total yikes.

robin said...

I'm with Wendy... since when did we nationalize Venereal Disease Day. Is there a card for that?? Would it go something like this:

Hey, it's me... you gave me VD... you said your love was free ...but as you can see... the dr. charged a hefty fee.

Happy VD Day!

val of the south said...

Robin - lol - I think you should submit that to Hallmark!!

Though I'm a bit scared you could come up with such a catchy VD poem on the fly!!

April said...

Kristina...you gotta with what you got! hahahaha J/K PEOPLE!!! hahahahaha!!!

Heidi, my pleasure! It was fun to try to pull it all together.

Anjeny! I loved it! That's cool that your dad was a fisherman. I just LOVE houseboats!!

Val, it IS disturbing that my sister had a rhyme about VD at the tip of her tongue (so to speak)!! YUCK!!!

How long did it take you to come up with that Toad? I am impressed? Pretty funny huh Sheri? hahahahaha!!!

Kazzy said...

Funny thoughts, you little tease you! Your title made me click on it really fast because my 18 year-old was standing behind me and I didn't want him guessing...

Don't even get me started on other peoples' cruises. I am sooo sick of hearing about everyone vacays!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Thanks so much the linky lub. I can't wait for 3 more days so I can read all the rest of the links. They sound entertaining.

Barbaloot said...

Awesome post---I'm totally gonna go dance to Abba now:)

April said...

Thanks NHC! I have missed you!!!

Shoot Barb!!! I meant to include a link of you and your shoes!!! DARN IT!!! I was putting all of this together while I was trying to sleep! SORRY!!!!

T said...

that is some serious linky-love for the holiday :) way to go!

I'm sure Hubby wouldn't be so jealous of my big snuggie-like Cozy if I'd be more free underneath now and then :)

Annie Valentine said...

Good list, but sometimes exercise equipment is not funny, so readers should go easy there.

Tyler and Kacie said...

Um....how can VD be enjoyable? I mean I guess if you have a cream or something...

Jami said...

Have a very happy V-Day. I'm a-goin' to Miss Heidi's book signing for my V-Day. Hope you have fun and romance too!

April said...

What the crap??? I left a comment earlier and it didn't show up!!! Anyhoooo!

Not to repeat myself, but, T my pleasure on the link...I know I missed some, but I will make up next time...speaking of making up...

Hey Annie! We use exercise equipment at our house to collect dust. And it does!

Come on Mona! You love VD and you know it! And yes, ice cream is good on Vday!

Jami!!! I am sooooo jealous!!! I just can't tell you how jealous I am!!! Give her a BIG squeeze for me!!!

April said...

YES!! It posted!

Kristina P. said...

April, I hope you had a good weekend!

Kazzy said...

Hey, I am an idiot, but I was rereading your blog and checked out the links this time. Thanks for the shout out! Hope you are well.

wendy said...

A...pril...........where are you?? You haven't posted for a few days, are you OK. does sis need to come check in on you, never mind that we haven't had contact with each other for 57 years, I'm feeling an aura here...your needing me (I have this 7th sense)