Sunday, January 25, 2009

BYU and Other Tom Foolery

As you may have read I was kicked out of BYU. What you didn't read was why. Before I get to the why, I might add that another family member (Robin) later redeemed the family name by being VALEDICTORIAN of her graduating class. (Show off!)

Now what was I.....ohhh yes...... BYU. I am totally a BYU football fan! I always have been! Ever since my first Homecoming date to watch Steve Young quarterback! Did I mention that Sharlene Wells (Hawkes) was my RS Pres my freshman year (and she was dating Steve Young) cool is that! I was cool by least that's what I thought. I was a freshman!

Did I mention that there was an undercover cop that lived in the dorms that I lived in? Not the same building because he was a he, and I am a she. But in the same building as my friends from Canada because my friends are hes. My friends were friends with him and didn't know that he was an undercover cop. (They didn't find out until after the bust.) He was there to try to uncover a drug ring on campus. He pretended to be a student but he was really married and had a child. He would sneak home

WHAT?!?!?!?! DRUGS??? At BYU????


But that's not why I was kicked out (or my friends). But that is why a member of the men's swim team from Hawaii was kicked out.

So, other than some guy slipping on the top of 2 flights of icy stairs and taking me down to the bottom with him, my freshman year was pretty cool and lots of fun. (I even got to see Robert Redford at the local Hart's-he's much shorter in person.)

The following September as my friends from my freshman year returned to school for their sophomore year, I remained at home. I had to work. I didn't have the funds to return back to BYU, so I stayed at my waitressing job while everyone returned to school. It was hard. But I really wanted to make it back to new-found love.......the mountains!

Fast forward to the next September. I drive 1900 miles in an unairconditioned car with my friends to get to BYU. IT WAS HOTTTTT!!!! We finally make it into my new place of residence as set up by one of my good friends my freshman year.........and I see a face from home. A guy who served a mission in Canada. I loved this guy....not love, love, but he was cool, you know!
I jump out of the car and yell......JERRY!!!!! (name changed to protect me.) And here I am all haggard looking from being in a car without a/c for so long. He looked around and tried to make sense of it. I was out of place. Then he comes running over and scoops me up, sweaty and all!

We dated.

We kissed.

I'm falling...........

His friend thinks he (Jerry) is too good for me.

UUUUUHHHHHHHHH.................. Jerry forgot to tell me he was still married.

I end it.

NOPE......that didn't get me kicked out! hehehehe!!!

One year later......I meet let's say his name is Chad. Chad is a return missionary. Chad teaches at the MTC. Chad has high self-esteem. April not so much. Chad and April date all summer. Chad's friends don't think April is good enough for Chad (Chad's words). Chad and April continue to date in spite of Chad's friends not liking April. April's roommates don't like Chad. They think that April is settling with Chad (but they don't tell her until after). April can't see it yet. Chad encourages April to make changes to her personality. April encourages Chad to make changes to his personality. He doesn't think there is anything that he needs to change. April and Chad get engaged. April puts the down payment on the ring because Chad just bought himself a new wardrobe. After 1 month of being engaged Chad wants to run off to Vegas to get married. April says no. After 2 months of being engaged, Chad wants to just date again. April says no. April ends the relationship just before Christmas.

The grades suffer and NEVER recover. The next semester is a blur. I am prepared to go home to Canada. I am prepared to begin a life there and leave my beautiful mountains behind.

The letter from BYU Academics just solidifies that I am done. It begins............

Dear April, We are sorry to inform you that you will not be able to return to BYU until you have successfully completed 2 semesters at another accredited college attaining a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher......yada yada yada.

That is how I got kicked out of BYU. BAD GRADES! My mother's worst nightmare. Probably why I did it! hahahaha!!!

Enter Drew.

And they (Drew and April) had happy times interjected with some sadness ever after. But they loved each other completely.


Nutty Hamster Chick said...

That is an awesome story. I loved all of it. I might need a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Sorry about the Jerry guy and the Chad, but I suppose everyone has to got through their Jerrys and Chads just to get their Drews.

Was your freshman year by any chance 1983? Because mine was. I lived in Helaman, Budge to be exact. I had season football tickets that year. So I got to see Steve Young play, he was a senior. So much fun watching him run up the score at every game. And I even saw him walk past me once in the cafeteria. I had to breathe into a paper bag. j/k

Thanks for sharing this painful memory, but you forgot the part where you went on to get your degree or else you became a millionare with out it.

What was your major? Mine was accounting.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

forgot to log in before I commented so then I couldn't check the follow button.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

You could have titled your post "Chad" foolery. he he he

Barbaloot said...

Wow-that is quite the story. My time at BYU was way less interesting. No undercover cops, no Miss America's and and struggling football team at times.

Jerry and Chad are lame. Drew is the best ever.

And also, I LOVE the BYU logo you have on this post. I so wish I could fit into my old sweatshirt that has that (but I was five when I got it...)

dede said...

great story - with the perfect amount of teasers!!

Sandi said...

Aww April, you had me at kicked out. haha. This is a great story- isn't it funny to remember the good old days and how intense it all seemed at the time?(as you saw in my facebook pics) I'm so glad that Drew rushed in and saved the day!

The Papa's said...

Drew is definitly a keeper, as for "Jerry" & "Chad" they should have recognized a good thing when they had you. Obviously you're much better off. Bad grades, huh? I was hoping for a little more excitement, but I guess this will have to do. How are you anyway? Miss ya'

Kristina P. said...

Something very similar happened to a friend of mine. SHe was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism soon after, and they let her back in.

Did you go back?

My dad is a big computer honcho at BYU. In fact, he called me last week to find out if my blog had a virus because he couldn't access it. Apparently, it was all Blogger blogs on campus. I though maybe he finally blocked it.

April said...

NHC my freshman year was 1981 at Helaman Halls in Budge Halls!!! How funny!! I was on the third floor at the end of the hall by the fire escape....perfect for letting boys in...not that we did! ahem! But I did get blamed for an infamous stunt....the whole hall being penny locked one night. I would have made out alright selling my gift store had the person who purchased it decided to pay me in full. (That's for ANOTHER time!) Chad foolery would have been good...but who's to say his name wasn't "Tom"? hahahaha!!!

Ohhhh Barb!!! I MUCH older than you....sigh.... but when I saw that logo, it brought back a lot of fun memories!!!

Thanks Dede!!

Drew does that....but he didn't rush too quickly or I would have kicked his butt right out! I wasn't liking the guys too much when I met him. He just kept telling me that there were still some good guys out there. And me and all my sarcasm accused him of thinking he was one of them....and he was!!!

Sorry Rox, just bad grades....that's what they caught me at anyways. But the walk down memory lane was fun! I am doing better, I feel like eating now! YEAH!!!! Miss you too!!!

Kristina!! hahahaha your dad blocking your blog!! That's funny! I have only been back to BYU watch football games, go to my sister's graduation and reminisce. I much prefer using my hands in an artsy way than my brain in a brainy way. I don't remember things that well ever since I trashed my teacher's car in driver's ed. True story.

Youngblood4ever said...

Thanks for clearing that up...bad grades, much better than being kicked out because of some undeserving schmuck. So glad you got over the less deserving and found your true love!

I am LoW said...

I think all famous dudes are shorter in person, since everyone says that when they spot a famous dude. haha!

Fun memories!! Mine all happened in high school (fun memories...) since I married right out of high school (*gasp!*) and never got to live the college life. But it does sound like it would have been right up my alley. (the drama, haha!!)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh I love this. You should write children's books, you know. hee hee

I love all the pictures on the sidebar. I knew Robin before you said TOAD. I knew it was her. I could see her face in that face.

You are so cute. I'm sorry you dated a married Canadian named Jerry. I've always tried to keep my distance from married Canadian's named Jerry. I also feel thankful you didn't end up with Chad, because I really want to smack him for buying a new wardrobe before he bought your ring.

And I was in high school when Sharlene Wells and Steve Young were at BYU. I was right across the street from you, girlfriend. How cool is that!?

How are you btw? Almost over? YAY!

I saw Kute Kasey last night at a fireside and I almost freaked out. So weird when virtual reality meets reality reality.

Sorry I've been absent, yet present lately.


My Diary said...

I too went to BYU but never got kicked out. Did get in lots of trouble though, you know boys in the dorms, lighting the hair spray we'd sprayed on the cinderbrick walls with matches and watching it burn. Sneaking guys up to DT dorms on non boy days.

Boy college was fun even with out boos and drugs.

Did you really kiss and date a married man. That is so crazy.

April said...

YB4...ahhhh untrue love!!! There's nothing quite like it! Especially when they are so condescending!

LoW-GASP!!! YOU got married right out of HS!!!! My mother warned me about people like you....being so sweet and kind and frying up peanut butter and banana sandwiches!!! AND SHE WAS RIGHT!!! hehehe!!!

WHAT?!?!?!?!? The infamous Crash and I lived in the same city??? WOW!!! I am not worthy!!! hehehe!!! Talking about worlds colliding!!! KK at you in the same room.....GASP!!! Were you nervous??? Did she smile at you? Did she bring you some kupcakes???? Do tell!!!

April said...

My got caught with boys in your room??? See, that's where you and I differ....I never got caught! Sadly tho, the boys were there to see my roomate. You saw my hair right? Ya! That pretty much says it all!

I didn't booze and drug at BYU silly!!! I did that WAYYYY before I went to BYU!!! I just knew people who did.

gramee said...

april thanks for the great story. your a great person with a wonderful writing ability and a lot to share! thanks for brighting my day!

wendy said...

Oh April ---I think you are the twin sister my mom had, but instead of burying her in the back yard like she said she did, she shipped you off to a different part of Canada (where or where, you must tell me)
Kicked out of BYU, for grades---another indication we were joined at the hip, I was on probation at Ricks College my first semester there as I had a 1.2 grade point average. I thought I was there to party, not go to Class???duh
And troubles with boys. sheesh. Chad, what a Looser!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, so fun to read SIS!!!!!

wendy said...

Oh crap, p.s. I loved Steve Young. and I love BYU football, used to have seasons tickets with the first hubby. (2nd hubby is a Utah fan, but I forgive him)
Bye SIS!!!!!!!!!!

April said...

Thanks gramee, I never felt that I had the ability to write or tell a story...what an ego boost!

Wendy/Sis! I fear if I tell you where I was shipped off to you will hate me forever! For clearly mom loved you more (but loved me enough not to bury me in the backyard)and wanted to drive a wedge between us by sending me to Toronto....please don't hate me! Not when we have just found each other again!!! SIS!!!

SWIRL said...

I have a "previous engagement" before my husband story- I did horrible that semester too... but I guess I was lucky- not bad enough to get kicked out. {whew}.

Man- don't you just thank the heavens we didn't marry those first guys?

hope all is well.

April said...

Hey Swirl! We are lucky we have who we have, I agree! You fared much better than I with the schooling. I don't do well under stress or chaos (hence the OCD with the filing)

My hubby had a previous engagement as well, so we both knew what we wanted in a spouse.

Melanie J said...

Wow. I probably should have been kicked out of BYU several times. I only WISH it was because of grades, though. Oops.

April said...

Melanie....I wish I had been kicked out of BYU for something other than grades too!! How embarrassing!! But, such is life, and I pray my boys never read this post! hehehehe!!!

Jami said...

Hey! Was Chad's name really Chad? Because I know a Chad of that era who could absolutely have been that self-centered.

April said...

Of the three names I used (including hubby's)only one is fake..hehehe...Chad's is fake.

robin said...

I was almost kicked out of BYU too.... for lack of style. I can't color coordinate to save my life. good thing I wasn't a fashion major or I really WOULD have been kicked out.

April said...

I ALMOST feel sorry for you miss VALEDICTORIAN!!!

ps-I am wearing a wrinkled shirt to honor you today! hahahahaha!!!

Sandi said...

Any Madagascar updates?

cttewhitney said...

girl you have made quite a name for yourself. i too am disappointed that it was only bad grades that got you kicked out of byu. drew is the bestest ever!!! so glad you didn't marry the other guy. that was quite the post. lots of insight to your days at byu!!!

hope you are doing ok. miss you!!! can't wait for you to get back!

April said... sister corrected freshman year was 1982! Sorry! I'm bad with numbers! hehehehe!

April said... sister corrected freshman year was 1982! Sorry! I'm bad with numbers! hehehehe!

robin said...

re: speeding ... your BIL says you can kiss his you know what if you can catch him. hahahahahaha!!!!!

(he just doesn't speed when I'm in the car because the nagging hurts his ears too much.)

April said...


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