Friday, December 19, 2008

The Wizard and I?

I am a HUGE fan of WICKED the musical. I have read the book, but I just LOOOOVE the music. I have never seen it. But I will be seeing it in April up in Salt Lake City! At least I hope I will be seeing it in April up in Salt Lake City. The problem is, I haven't received my tickets yet. I've paid for them, that is my credit card has been charged for four tickets to the matinee for an obscene amount. I better get my tickets!!! Did I mention that my husband worked the phone and the internet ALL DAY to get me these tickets? When I say ALL DAY...I mean ALL DAY! Five hours of his life was dedicated to get me 4 tickets that are not together to see Wicked! I am soooo excited!!! Now, I know, that my sister Sheri could care less, she's seen it on Broadway a gajillion times! Alright not a gajillion, only a million times. But I get to FINALLY see WICKED!!!! As long as I get my tickets!!!!

So, my other sister who lives up in Salt Lake is going with me. I guess during the show we will just wave to each other or something, since none of the seats are together. The only way I could have had seats together is if I went to a Sunday showing. So, this was the scenario. I drop by my hubby's office to see if he got the tickets yet or not. He's wiping tears from his eyes because he's been on the internet so long waiting in queue to buy tickets as well as being on hold to purchase them. I hand him a tissue and remind him that I have had to be on the computer for eight hours before to get our son into a session of EFY because their was a "problem" with the computer system at BYU and it kept kicking me off. He tells me how expensive it is going to be for four tickets and I remind him how much we just spent on football tickets to attend two BYU games and his mouth stops moving.

So back to the Sunday show. The operator/cashier/scalper of the WICKED tickets comes on the phone while I am in his office (he's on a break of course and this by NO means affected his job performance this day) and asks what day we want to attend...yadda...yadda...yadda. Well we come to find out that the only show that has seats together is the Sunday show. My dear husband looks at me and asks if I want to go to a Sunday show. Bless his huge heart. He is willing to risk his soul to eternal damnation and hellfire for me! How cute is that? Oh wait, no he isn't, he just wants to get out of his bishopric meeting!!! For a split second I actually considered NOT going at all. I would be sitting by myself. Who goes to a show and sits by themselves? Who would I sing to? I have wanted to go since the first time I listened to the soundtrack on one of our trips to Disneyland.

I, April, being of quite an unsound mind, was considering canceling the whole thing! All that effort, all those hours my hubby spent on the computer and on the phone wasted because I can't sit by him or my sister or........oh wait a minute! FOUR TICKETS IT IS!!!!!

I called my sister to tell her the news! She wants one ticket, ok, I have one extra ticket! My son will want to go! After all, his father has spent FIVE WHOLE HOURS on the phone and on the internet (and doing his job) getting these tickets!!! He threw a fit earlier this year when we made plans to see Les Miserables without him for a second time. Of course he would want to see WICKED! Nope. Not interested.

Now it was back to my sister. Was she sure that her husband didn't want to go to Wicked with us?

According to my sister my BIL did NOT want to go and for the life of him, he could not figure out why my husband WOULD go with me! That would be a NO for my BIL!

But with all of this said, being a HUGE fan of the music, wanting to see the play, reading the book and the sequel Son of a Witch, I just don't think that I should look like a witch. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to me at my brother's wedding almost 2 years ago. True story. My brother married a wonderful girl that he met over the internet. At the time she lived in the Philippines. They communicated back and forth for a while and he visited her a couple of times. Their relationship became more serious over the years and they married almost two years ago and in a couple of months I will be an Auntie again! YEAH!!! Anyways, there was a casualty just before the wedding.....ME! I have proof. The make-up artist must have heard that I was a huge fan of WICKED. Just because I LOVE WICKED doesn't mean I want to go to a wedding looking like Elphaba. I wanted to stand up and sing....

Did that really just happen?
Did he actually paint them green?
These eyes I've tried
To suppress or hide
Is a tragedy that could
Help me meet the Wizard
If I close them tight
Will he scream with fright?

I know I wanted sisters just laughed. Isn't that what sisters are for? Oh and they are for mocking as well. They mocked me and then they asked the man who did my makeup to fix it.

So when I see WICKED, (my tickets better get here quickly--it's been over a month) I won't look like Elphaba. I won't sing in the ear of the person sitting next to me whoever it may be. I will wave to my husband, my sister and to whoever is the lucky fourth person to accompany us and sit alone. But, whoever it is, they will have fun on the ride over! Rider beware. We do mock!


robin said...

Why don't you post a picture of you with your Elphaba eyes??? hahahhaha!!! and I can't wait to go even if I am sitting by myself and singing to the stranger next to me. lalalala!!!!

April said...

I did! It's up in the corner of the post DK!! You just can't really tell how green my eyes are. I will make it bigger! Just for you!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Wow you lucky duck! If you can't find anyone, I would go with you in a heart beat, and people have told me that I am very entertaining, and I am into mocking as well, in a christlike way of course. I could perform some re enactments of my best stalking expereinces. Just saying.
And thanks for you sympathy about the cougs.

April said...

Hamster Chick--I think we would get along just great!!! Let the mocking begin! Besides, what's the fun of mocking if you can't laugh at yourself in the process. And the reenactments sound VERY intriguing!!!

Sandi said...

April dear, thanks so much for the Christmas card- I love being on your list! I was a scrooge and did not do cards this year- I could not get my kids to cooperate for a picture so I just gave up trying. I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and that you find someone REALLY fun to take with you to WICKED....did the tickets ever come?

Kazzy said...

April! So fun to find your blog! Does Sheri blog? I love the music to Wicked too. I play the sound track a lot but haven't seen it yet. I was under the impression you had to have season tix to see the show. I guess I was wrong. May the tickets come to you soon!!! Keep in touch. :)

dede said...

robin didn't tell me you had a blog - glad I found it! I am also a HUGE wicked fan (I have seen it in NY and LA). I have also read the book and I will say the play is much better (although, I am really glad I read the book first - helps to understand the characters!). So, enjoy! You will LOVE it!

btw - your blog is hilarious!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OMgosh. OMgad. I will be your 4th person! Pick me!

How cute your husband is. How sweet. No wonder your son is so gorgeous.

Wicked is Wicked AWESOME. I'm so excited that you're so excited! I wish I could see it with you just to share in your glee.

I have two favorite songs from that soundtrack, besides Popular. Can you guess which ones?

April said...

Hmmm....if I were to guess your two favorite songs Crash....I would have to say taking into account your present circumstances: What Is This Feeling and the either I'm Not That Girl or Defying Gravity. I can't decide because they are ALL my favorites!! (My hubby and boys even know the music!)

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

How come you are not asleep yet? Do you have insomnia?

April said...

I usually don't go to bed until midnight....then I can't get up until 8:30!

I am unwinding from a long day at work 9 1/2 hours! This is my fun time!!!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Good for you. I am the same way except I don't have to work full time right now. But I need need my outlet of computer time.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

ps I love seeing you at all the other blogs I stalk.

April said...

ps-me too, I think you are awesome...but don't tell my sister Robin that...she gets jealous REALLY easily. That will be our little secret!