Monday, December 29, 2008

Madagascar....It's Not Just a Movie!

Last year at Christmas we spoke to our son who is serving a mission in Madagscar (yes it's a real country and not just a movie). It was a little awkward because it was the first time we had been able to speak to him since he left the middle of April. I got all excited to get a call from him on Mother's Day, but he was still in the MTC and they can't call from there.....I was soooo sad! So 8 1/2 months later we got to talk to him. He was still struggling with some of the language but loved the areas he had served in.

So, then on Dec 26th I got to speak with Chase again. I was in heaven! He is doing great! I miss him so much. We laughed, made plans for when he comes home on April 3rd!!!! We encouraged him to finish with a bang!

Now I think that I am the trunky one. I have been happy and sad, up and a cheesy

Frank Sinatra song. Nothing against Ol' Blue Eyes! But I have run the gamut of emotions after talking to him. One of the great things about him coming more $200 phone bills for a one hour phone call! YIPPEE!!!

But I tell you what people, I wouldn't have him anywhere else! He has matured and learned a lot about himself. I have learned a lot about him too. I have learned that he is a very patient person even when times are tough. I have learned that he doesn't care what has happened in the past, he just looks to the future and has hope in spite of the challenges he has faced. He is an inspiration to me. That's my boy!


Kazzy said...

Isn't it the coolest when our kids become our inspiration? So so amazing! I am glad you had a good phone chat. Those calls are medicine for the soul! When will your next son be 19?

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Wow that sounds like the best Christmas present of all. Thanks for following me, I just noticed you there, not sure how long you sweet face was there, because I have been so preoccupied.
Hope the days between now and April 3 fly by. I am sure they will be the longest and shortest days, if you know what I mean.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh it's so fun to see one of my favorite people so cute and happy!

You are the cutest person in the world, I swear.


SO happy you got to talk to one of your gorgeous sons! If I wasn't forty somethin somethin and married I would totally be in love with your son.

Anthon and Jennifer Ellsworth said...

Aww, what a cute little guy :o). I can't believe he is coming home in just a few months!! That's crazy!

Curtis Family said...

Wow, the time went fast! I cannot believe he is coming home already! I bet it seems like an eternity to you! He looks really good!

April said...

To have my boy be an inspiration to me shows me that he is now a man...sniff....sniff...and that means that I am old! RATS!!!

I can't believe he has been gone almost 2 years! I remember when I couldn't wait for him to leave! True story! hahahaha!

It is true that these will be the longest and shortest days until he gets home...the longest because he's been gone so long and the shortest because we have to get his bedroom done. But to do that we have to finish the kitchen, but to do that we have to move the kitchen to the new addition which hasn't been built yet. We're in trouble!!!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Talk about getting old the word verifier is being mean and says, "catorc" is just missing an "a" and so basically is sticking a facial rasberry in my face...

Your verifier has something against me...or maybe it was for you? Now I'm confused!

But learning today that Madagascar is not just a movie was totally REVELING of where I am in life...honestly...I'm totally ignorant of things going on around me!

Must make it a New Year's Resolution to NOT be so ignorant.

I actually learned that from Crash's post or spotlight on you, but still...

I'm happy you got to talk to your son...i remember waiting on Christmas Day for that phone call from my Brothers...and then my Mom being somewhat moppy afterwards...and then she would just sniff and say, "You'll understand when you become a Mother and have to send your BOY off to only hear from his sweet voice twice a year"...

:) Happy New Year!