Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Friends, Festival of Trees and Keys?

I have been absent from my new love......of blogging. It is has been fun to keep up with friends and meet new people.

I have posted a picture and a recipe for pumpkin roll....YUMMY!!! For all you who have no idea what it is....I thought everyone in Utah new what a pumpkin roll was. Isn't that a prerequisite taught at every Relief Society Homemaking....or whatever it is they are calling it these days! (My brain is sugared out from too much pumpkin roll....sorry! =) )

So.....yesterday morning I readied myself for the 4 hour trip to the Salt Lake Area from my home. My sister was taking me to the Festival of Trees. The Festival of Trees has been going on for 38 years and this program raises money for Primary Children's Medical Center by auctioning off Christmas trees that have been donated for auction. This year there were over 300 regular trees and I'm sure that many center pieces and wreaths combined.

But, before beginning my journey to my sister's home, I had to interrupt my husband's day at work. Oh yes, blonde me, left my only set of car keys in the car that my husband drove to work! And just as a side note.....this is NOT the first time I've done this to him either! This is probably the third call he has received from me while he is at work because I forgot my keys in his car. Poor Drew!!! But he is so patient, he doesn't get his panties in a knot! He excuses himself from work and drives 20 miles back home, smiles as he enters our home and helps me load the car. No harsh words, no "that was stupid", nothing about how "put out" he is because he has to drive back and forth twice now! WOW!!! I better lay off Mr. 2 Pie Man!!! hee hee hee!!!

The drive was pretty uneventful, I of course was on the lookout for cool road down and ready for the burn pile....YES! Cool, not so much! I will post what I have later. I got this idea from Crash's site (I think).....she was had mentioned in her writing or a comment that she thought there would be cool road side signs from St George to SLC....not so much! Apparently that thoroughfare needs a "sprucing up" committee. It's pretty pathetic in some spots.

Back to the reason why I am here in SLC......for the Festival of Trees. Everyone needs a reason to oooohhh and aaaahhhh. My sister and I got to do that a couple of times last night at some of the over 300 trees we saw. A few of the trees or groupings got more of a gasp. (As my sister pointed out, one got a shudder of horror.....picture to be posted later). One tree made of blown glass went for $26,000. The lights flashed to the sound of the music that it played. Another tree I saw was also very touching as it was a tribute to the father of a dear friend of mine. Her father passed away unexpectedly earlier this year. All in all I'm sure they raised a lot of money for Primary Children's Medical Center last night, even though the stockings and stocking stuffers that my sister made didn't go in the first bidding process. (And they were NOT shudder worthy!)

I have said my good-byes to my nephews, they are off to school, and now I must get dressed and ready myself for my trip home.....I have work tomorrow....SHOOT!!! WHERE ARE MY KEYS?!?!?!?!?!?


Anthon and Jennifer Ellsworth said...

Aunt April!! I didn't know you had a blog!! I only found it because of my live feed thing. I will have to add you!

Stephen and T.J. said...

April!! This is T.J. Eich. I found you through Becky Wilson's blog. I have a blog, too, but it's private so email me for an invite!
t_jelly_jo(AT) yahoo(DOT)com

Matt & Sarah Pace said...

I'm glad you have a blog!! I look foward to keeping up with your family!!! Yeah!