Saturday, December 27, 2008

Stupid People, Allergies and a Dose of Reality

I firmly believe there is a correlation to allergies and stupid people. Well at least in my case there is. I am allergic to stupid people. True story. I haven't actually been tested with one of those "scratch" tests they do on your back, but I get the same symptoms when I am around stupid people.

You know those symptoms, your ears get hot and turn red. Your skin gets red and itchy, you sometimes feel like you are going to vomit. Those kind of feelings. That's how I know I am allergic to stupid people. I have a sister who has the same symptoms when she is around stupid people too.

This same sister was going in for surgery and was asked by a nurse what allergies she had. Sheri started to rhyme off her allergies and ended with her last allergy: stupid people. The nurse, not having a sense of humor, asked what happened when she was around them. My sister's response was, "It's happening right now."

Stupidity comes in all forms, like yesterday when I got a phone call from some organization wanting me to contribute to them for the poor for Christmas. Ummmm.....yesterday was the 26th. Christmas is over! Either this was a scam or they are getting quite the jump start for next year! I explained that I give donations through my church for those in need. He was NOT happy with that explanation and questioned IF the money was really getting to the people who were in need. My rash came up in full force with him, and so did some choice words! He hung up quickly.

Another example was when (now my son will kill me for this) my son had to go to speech therapy for a lisp. He was in second grade and still had a thrust so he did not pronounce his "s" words properly. They came out more like "th". I met with the speech pathologist who had the personality of a wet dishrag. I was trying to lighten the moment when she asked if we were aware of my son's speech problem. So I'm thinking to myself, DUH! I'm not deaf! I can hear that he can't pronounce the letter "s". But what I said with a smile on my face is, "We've tried teasing him and taunting him but it just hasn't worked, he still lisps". (SILENCE) Not a crack of a smile from her. Nothing but a blank stare. I was never called in for another conference again.

I am recovering from the effects of a stupid person now. I take things to heart, and this person is not only a stupid person but a mean person and has attacked my integrity. Sometimes the effects of being exposed to a stupid person are so extreme that I get laid up for a while. That is what has happened this time. It affects not only me but my family.

I am working on it, I have a great husband who loves me in spite of me. I have 2 great sons! They are awesome boys and very supportive. But I want more for them. I want them to have more of me available. I don't want the effects to be so negative in the future....especially from the meanness. There is no reason to be down right mean.

Most blogs I read are so upbeat and happy. We put our best face forward and it does help for the most part when we have a bad day to read uplifting things. But sometimes, it would be nice just to see that other people struggle too. I have struggled. Sometimes I have struggled a lot. Stupid people don't make it any easier. But, they are people too. And sometimes, I am that stupid person. Sorry Drew. Sorry Chase. Sorry Broc. Sorry if I have caused any of you out there to break out in a rash because of something stupid I have done.


Kazzy said...

No stupid rash itchiness here! I think this was an honest and clever blog. Sometimes it seems like we are living in a video game and the annoyances that get in our way are just things that we are supposed to jump over or blow up before we run forward and get our points in the end. Btw, Sheri's experience with the nurse made me laugh out loud!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Great post, it made me laugh and think. I struggle big time and feel the same way that my personal struggles are letting those I love down. I try to take comfort from Pres Hinkleys words to just do my best. I am sure you are doing the very best you can at the present time.

Tyler and Kacie said...

I am laughing so hard right now and it's not even at your allergy! It's because I too went to speech therapy!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! I couldn't say my "S's" either but mine wasn't really a lisp- hard to explain. So, tell Broc not get all butt hurt. It happens to the best of us. And look at us now we speak like the angels above! (HA! ok, maybe not)
Anyways, good luck with your allergy. Maybe you should drink some NyQuil before you are around them and you will be so loopy that they won't sound so bad! hehehe!
P.S. your gummy bear stock is in short supply! -just FYI ;)

robin said...

I'm just glad you used Sheri and Broc in your examples and left me out of it, because I've done plenty of things to be worthy of being included in a Stupid People blog. haahhahahha!!

Kazzy said...

And the pictures weren't there when I commented yesterday. They really illustrate your point. LOL

Sandi said...

April, did you know that there is a club that exists everywhere we go, that was created for the sole purpose of annoying Dave? It's true, and maybe they have an April chapter as well? It could happen, and you just have to learn to ignore the idiots or they will make you crazy!
by the way, I now work for that speech lady and your description of her cracked me up....but don't tell anyone.

April said...

Robin-you are safe for now, but we haven't gone to Wicked yet.

Thanks Kazzy for not breaking out in a rash just from reading this! PS-Your musical Monday was awesome!!!

Hamster Chick-my prayers are with you! Thanks for your words of encouragement!!!

Kacie-I'll send Drew out on a gummy bear run! AND I'll be checking for a trace of a lisp! hahaha

Sandi, Sandi , Sandi....tell Dave we should join forces to fight this crime against humanity! And you have my condolences. Humor is a good thing.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha ha ha ha. I was totally LOLing on this funny post. YOU GO FUNNY GIRL!

I'm totally allergic to stupid people. I just had an aha moment. Everything makes so much sense now.

I loved the Christmas story.

I loved the lisp story because I can totally relate to the blank stares after a hilarious joke.

Okay, can I whisper something in your ear. Sometimes I feel this way about Kelly Pickler. And it takes a lot out of me and I feel like a bad bad person. I struggle. I really struggle. And then I reach for the whipped cream.

Great post!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Did you know your verifier says orginess?


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I came over from Crash's blog! I agree with you and stupid people...I love that STUPID sign comedian!!! Wish I had a armload of my own...

I think you should get some, I feel it would help with the rash...because instead of the symptoms coming on you could just slap them with the sign...i bet it would help! :)

Nice to meet you btw...I love the color of your sons hair!!!

Jami said...

I am allergic to stupid people too. Although the reaction's not so strong if they aren't talking near me. I'm OK with their pictures. Most of the time.

April said...

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh (I say that twice so that Crash won't forget her IL's are staying with her--hahahaha--like she could forget)!! I am blushing right now, I have guests and I haven't even picked up the place! Please excuse the mess, I've been at work all day, but thanks for stopping by!

And just so you know, I REALLY am allergic to stupid people, I don't know if a sign would do it, I think I might kill the stupid person with it....

And just so you know...more people are allergic to stupid people than you realize! I just tend to be a little more sensitive to them than the average person.

Thanks for coming to visit! Thanks for leaving comments too! Wow!! Thanks to Crash for the wonderful comments on her blog about me. I'm honored!!

April said...

PS-The "stupid people" pictured are my husband and me. My sister Robin snapped both of those lovely pics.....the question is why did my hubby and I have our noses covered? Don't ask!!!

Heidi Ashworth said...

All I want to know is this: is your hair long or is it short? Am I being stupid? Are your ears turning red and do you feel rashy all over? I have seen you at my blog so you know I struggle right? Right? RIGHT!?? Okay, so I'm following you now. The red ears and rash should be disappearing right about NOW!

April said...

hahahaha!!! That was an interesting question AND observation! So I pour over my photos thinking to myself, why does my hair look so short? Is it really getting that thin? It hasn't even glowed here yet! (Stay tuned.) And then I look at my pics....WOW! My hair has multiple personalities!!! SCARY!!! I can understand the one in the water at Lake Powell because I tuck my hair up under my hat, but the other ones when my hair is straight, well that's just downright schizo! No offense to those who have personality disorders. That's totally different from just being plain stupid.

My ears are red, but with embarrassment....It's official, my hair is psycho. I just hope I don't end up bald like my grandma. True story.

BTW, Heidi, nice to meet you! My New Year's resolution is to read your book!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

April, thanks for your words of encouragement and actually some practical understanding and what worked for you. I think you may be the first person I have talked to who had been through something even remotely similiar.

Of course the face that I almost lost him had handicapped me a little bit. But you are right, I must be stronger for him.

Thanks for being there.

Annie Valentine said...

You'd be allergic to me. I made the mistake of venting about my RS president (who seriously hurt my feelings) on my blog without knowing that people in my ward READ my blog. Talk about horrible. Went all the way to the bishop and he released me because of it. Ouch.

Trust me, whatever you did, it can't be as stupid what I do (on a frighteningly regular basis).

I bet your rash is really itching now.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Happy New Year APRIL!

Annie, did you seriously get released?? WHOA!

Maybe I should say something stupid about my R.S. Pres on my blog. hee hee

Tiffany said...

you know how I know how I have read a super funny blog, no it is not the laughter, that helps. But the way I really know is that I read it to my husband and he laughs. Yup this one was a reader. He loved it and so do I. I think I am allergic too.

April said...

Oh Annie, I would NOT be allergic to you! I would be high fiving you sista!! Guess what Annie? You are allowed to have feelings, and you are allowed to disagree with people too! It took me a looooong time to find my voice.....but sometimes my edit button has a glitch.

Hi Tiffany! I'm glad that my rashes can be so enjoyable. hehehe.