Saturday, December 6, 2008


Seriously, I love this time of the year!  The lights on the homes, the trees seen from the windows, the decorations all around.  Unfortunately, our home will be the scrooge home.  Yes, it is so!  We have no room for a tree.  No room for a tree you say?  Everyone has room for a tree!  Nope, we don't!  We live in a construction zone.  It is true.  Our home has been under re-construction for 26 months now.  At one point we moved out for 15 months and stayed with friends the disrepair of the house was so bad.  To put it nicely, we bought a lemon.  It would have been easier to level the house and start from scratch, but we didn't have the money to do that!  We are just doing what we can.  Little by little.  Room by room.  Day by day.  When friends or coworkers ask, "When will 'they' be done working on the house"?  I respond by saying, " 'They' is Drew and he works on the house in his spare time".  So, at this point, we are back in our home and have been for 11 months now.  We have 4 1/2 months left to get this house done before our son returns home from his mission and needs a room to sleep in.  (The room that everything is stored in right now.)  I am sad that there will be no tree in our home this year, so I will enjoy looking at the beautifully decorated trees of my friends.  I may not have a tree in my home this year but I will have two wonderful men (my hubby and 17 year old son) to share the Christmas season with, tree or no tree.  And, on Christmas day, I will get to hear the sound of the third man in my life who is serving a mission in Madagascar.  Although, the Christmas tree adds to the festivities and is a reminder to us of the season it is not the true meaning of Christmas.  I will look forward to next year when I will have a whole and safe house to live in thanks to my awesome husband and his hard work.  We will have a tree up next year, as a reminder of what the spirit of Christmas is about.  But seriously, even without a tree, our Christmas will be great because we have a family that loves each other and respects each other and we as a family love the Lord with all of our hearts.  Isn't that what Christmas is all about?  Seriously?

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Lenzi said...

ok HELLO! Why did I not know you had a blog dork! No running anymore, I have found you. Cute blog.. Ill keep up. And i am surely trying the pumpkin rolls :)