Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Party 70's Style

Friday was my annual work Christmas party. This year we had a theme. "Christmas Disco Bash." With that in mind I have included pictures for your viewing pleasure......feel free to laugh. I did!

#2 son, Me, Hubby (#1 son had something "better" to do)

There were competitions...

(I missed it by THAT much!)

Hubby & I doing "The Bump" & we won this competition. Best 70's couple!

#2 son (far left) strutting his stuff, came in 2nd like his momma!

We had skits......
Aquatics staff and their hilarious skit!

My coworkers as the Jackson 5

We had fun!

More coworkers that crack me up!

My boss & her hubby (left), Operations Mgr & his wife (right)

We all went home well fed and laughed out! Can't wait to see what next year brings!


The Garden of Egan said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha stayin' alive stayin alive..............
How deep in your love how deep is your ..............
Sorry I had a disco flashback there for a second, when I loved my HASH jeans, didn't have flab, stretch marks or wrinkles.......sorry but I'm not sure why there was anything to laugh at, the big hair and lamb chop sideburns are so TOTALLY normal!!!!!!!

Loved it! You look awesome!


Barbaloot said...

Looks like it was so fun. And I'm basically in love with the skirt you had on. Totally awesome:)

Kristina P. said...

That looks so fun, April! You look groovey!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Totally 70's-erfic! You guys are so much fun. I love it!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Looks like the best work Christmas party ever. Let's see the Office do something like that. Yay for photographic evidence.

I just bought my bowl tickets. I am soooo excited. I was trying to talk myself into being happy staying warm at home, but then my son said "c'mon mom it is my last bowl game before my mission" It didn't take much convincing. Like you said sometimes memories are worth a little bit of financial strain, right? And the fireside is Monday night. Wooohooo. Good times a comin.

April said...

Tauna-Well you can tell by the way I use my walk that I had fun.....hehehe!

Barb-How deep is your love for that skirt? I got it at DI! true story!

Kristina-I'm that sweet city woman...groovy!

Alyson-There's no Jive Talkin' we had a blast!

NHC-That would be awesome to see the Office do that....They could get down on the roof....Burn baby burn! Disco Inferno!!! (Have fun at the game!)

Kazzy said...

You look awesome! I think you would have been the perfect Carol Brady! And I love the bump photo! Dontcha just love hubbys that are game for dancing?

April said...

Kazzy-thanks! We had to earn our "best couple" status by dancing. So I said, "Lets do the bump!" (And I have run out of lyrics to use.)

Homer and Queen said...

You are hot!!!! Are you coming to the Vegas Bowl?

April said...

Thanks Queen. Sadly, we are not going to the Vegas Bowl :( I have to work and so does the hubby. What's the deal-i-o with it being in the middle of the week?

robin said...

Your outfit turned out great!!! I would have voted you #1. I'm going to have to start borrowing your clothes for Halloween.

Kritta22 said...

Ha ha ha that is seriously awesome!! You guys are such superstars!
Congrats on you winning!!

Anonymous said...

How could there possibly have been something better for other son to do that that????????

April said...

Robin-you can borrow them, if you come pick them up!

Kritta-thanks girlie! Hope you are doing well!

Sage-I know right! What could be more fun than making a spectacle of yourself?

wendy said...

What a great party. When I lived in Utah, and for the State, we had NO christmas parties. NOt even a stinking turkey thrown our way.
Hubby was a teacher and again --state job --no parties. But we did get a stinking turkey.

New hubby - retired. No parties.
But we DID get a turkey from the Alberta Gas company as they had to run a line through his property 3 years ago and now give him a turkey every Christmas.

I miss parties. I love parties. You and your hubby looked great!!
I will catch up with you after Christmas. Have a good one.

lmtfitts said...

Can you dig it? Keep on truckin jive turkey....ya I am still living in the 70's and I got a kick out of your pics! Looks like a really fun party! Merry Christmas April!

Youngblood4ever said...

Now that is just downright FUNNY! Thanks for the laugh. Love the pics!

CaJoh said...

Wow… That looks like you had a blast.

Thanks for stopping by,

Haynsy said...

Seeing your party reminded me that the 70's music was the best part of the decade. The clothing fashions only lend evidence to the Big Bang Theory.

The Garden of Egan said...

Hey gorgeous woman! Where are ya? Ya, probably up to your armpits in Christmas goodies and in some sort of sugar coma, but it's time to get back here!!!!!!!
I need Christmas pictures and family smug shots!
YOOOO HOOOOO Aprillllllllll come out in Decemberrrrrrrr!
Ha, I bet you've NEVER heard a joke like that before.
Missin' ya!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

OHMYGOSH that was so funny! You have a fun work I'm jealous!

I got a Turkey Certificate.


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! YOU LOOK AMAZING! What a cool working environment. You and your hub doing the bump. hahahaha What at good sport.


Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

April said...

Wendi-that stinks! I work for the local government...we just know how to partay!

Lezlie-you jive turkey! You got that lingo down! Hope you are keeping warm!

YB4ever-glad I could be of service! We had sooo much fun! :)

CaJoh- Thank YOU for stopping by as well, and yes, yes, we did have fun!

Haynsy- I had so much fun getting re-acquainted with the 70's hits and shopping at DI for my 70's outfit.

Hey cute Tauna-I have been taking a break from reality...but it hasn't been working ;) My time on the computer is limited right now as there are 3 of us vying for time as my laptop crashed and sadly I have no pics to post as my camera broke! BOOO!

Shelle-look at you go with that turkey certificate! Go bowling with it! :)

Crash-The hub & I like to ham it up every now and then! And then we eat a fortune cookie.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Totally fun! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, April.

nevadanista said...

Hahahaha, awesome! And I see you've been good at keeping up your blog too ;-)