Friday, June 26, 2009

My First Award!

Raders Out Loud has given the Premio Meme Award to my blog. I met Queen a couple of weeks ago when she was visiting the city I live in. We went out to lunch with Shelle and were instant friends. She is so fun and witty. She is my type of friend!

So, the rules of this award, is that I must tell 7 things about myself and then give this award to 7 people. Well, here goes nothing.....

1. I have lost over 60 pounds over the past 5 years. (Not as much as Queen, but we've seen each other's "before" pictures!)

2. I hate speaking in public (like at church or to large groups). My heart pounds and I feel like I'm going to faint or yak!

3. I am a Twix junkie (but would prefer an Aero Bar or Caramilk). Since I can't get my hands on Canadian chocolate bars, I eat two mini Twix bars every night.

4. I was born in Canada but have now lived in the States for longer than I lived in Canada. The rest of my family except for one sister still lives there. I eventually plan to take the test to become a US my younger sister did.

5. I hate cooking. I love food, but I hate cooking, although, since my new kitchen has been finished, I am more apt to cook.

6. I used to own my own gift store.....and loved it! That was my dream, to own my own store. But it ended when we moved to Utah. Maybe again, one day.

7. I have only ever had one speeding ticket since I was 16 yrs old. I got it when I was 18, the day before I was leaving for college. And I do speed. Frequently.

So, I hope this wasn't too sappy for you Queen! :) Now, for who to choose to continue this on....hmmmmm.

I choose:

Serenity Now

The Hamster Wheel

livin' la vida utah

Ramblings of an Islander

The Papa's

Kazzy's Ponderings

You Asked For It

If I didn't hit you this time around....don't worry....I'll get you next time!


Kristina P. said...

Man, I haven't had a Twix in years!

Congrats on the weight loss. I lost about 75 pounds many years ago. Very few people have seen the before pictures. Not even my husband.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Kristina you speedy chick, this just posted 11 minutes ago and still you beat me.

OK I will try to do this. I enjoyed reading your 7 things, not sure if I can come up with as many.

Kazzy said...

I find it interesting that you have lost all that weight while chowing down on Twix Bars.

I will go do my thing on my blog this weekend. Thanks for the love!

Barbaloot said...

I totally hear you on #2! It's the worst. An your #3 made me think of Caramello candy bars...where have they been the last ten years?

val of the south said...

I am my before picture! lol I love the twix thing. Makes sense - you can just say no to other crap 'cause you know your twix will be waiting for ya at the end of the day!

Thank you - and I will start thinking of my 7 things pronto!

Hope you're feeling better!

Anjeny said...

Aww April...thank you. I will try to see what I can come up with..this is actually going to be fun.

You're making me envious of the fact that you were losing weight while gobbling down on fair is that?!

April said...

Kristina...weight has ALWAYS been an issue with me! My mom put me on a diet in the 5th grade because I was "getting too fat". Our next door neighbor called me "fatso" as my nickname. It was not fun!

NHC....I can't wait to read yours!

Kazzy, remember, they are the MINI what you give out at Halloween. Not 2 whole candy bars! LOL!

Barbaloot...grab a Twix! They have a yummy cookie crunch along with the caramel and chocolate!

Val...LOL!!! It makes it easier to pass up a lot more, that's for sure. But the main thing was my thyroid. It could have gone either way!

Anjeny....chocolate is my weakness! True story!

wendy said...

WHAT -- you lost 60 pounds. What did you do --send them to me. Thanks sis. I too love Canadian chocolate bars mmmmm. and I hate cooking. sorry I have been behind on the blogs lately, but will try and do better. love ya

T said...

I'm on vacation in colorado - hanging out with family and friends from Many MANY years ago... my 7 things might end up being very reminiscent - but I'll work on it :)

I've only had one speeding ticket too... but I'm a reformed speeder :)

Homer and Queen said...

Well, I guess you are not as perfect as I thought if you don't like to cook. I used too, but that ship has sailed...

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Coooool! I love twix too. I loved hearing this about you. I didn't know you lost so much weight. You look so beeUtiful.

I can't believe KP lost 75 lbs. WOW! Cool.

I've had more speeding tickets than YOU!

Heidi Ashworth said...

You totally should have a whole basket of blog awards by now! What have people been thinking?

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I love your 7 things... happy FIRST award, it's always nice to feel decorated! hehe!

Me loves Queen also... and you... but I hate your skinny bodies! And I saw the BEFORE pics also!

Anjeny said...

Just coming back to let you know I did my seven things today in case you'd like to check it out.

I got a speeding ticket too and I still haven't resolved that citation yet. I hope that will be my first and last...

I like twix too but I love kit kat

April said... don't want to lose weight the way I did....remember how I had to glow?

Have fun T!! I'll look forward to your 7 things when you get a first!

Queen...and what's wrong with being perfect? You are! lol!!!

Crash! Is that how you got your nickname? You crashed too? are so cute! Thanks gf! are too cute! And have that cute space! I love it and you! :)

YEAH Anjeny!! I am coming to read!!!

Anjeny said... totally caught I can't believe I thought I actually have seven things

So I added on two so knock yourself